CXR Biosciences
CXR Biosciences

CXR Biosciences (part of the Concept Life Sciences Group) provides preclinical services and expertise, specialising in investigative toxicology, exploratory and discovery toxicology, metabolism and pharmacokinetics.


Investigative and Mechanistic Toxicology:

We design and perform experiments to explain observed toxicities, and evaluate the actual hazard and risk to humans...

Exploratory and Discovery Toxicology:

We use mechanistic toxicology at the research stage to drive chemical design, candidate selection and translational risk assessment...

Metabolism and PK/TK Support:

CXR works with agrochemical, chemical and pharmaceutical companies to generate PK/TK and metabolic profiling data...

Supporting Technologies:

In vitro, in vivo, analytical and genomics techniques and technologies...


Agrochemical / Crop Protection:

CXR has provided exploratory toxicology and investigative toxicology services to the agrochemical industry for many years.

Pharmaceutical & Biotech:

CXR works with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to support discovery toxicology and investigative toxicology.


CXR has provided investigative toxicology, metabolism and read-across services to the chemicals industry for many years.

Consumer products:

CXR has expertise in elucidating potential mechanisms of toxicity of marketed consumer products, & of using primary cell culture and genomics to support product claims.

CXR's collaborative and advisory approach, toxicological expertise and extensive laboratory capabilities have helped customers of all sizes resolve issues relating to the safety of compounds or selection of drug or chemical candidates. Our customers include leading pharmaceutical, agrochemical, chemical, consumer product and biotechnology companies.

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