In vivo capabilities

CXR has extensive in-house in vivo capabilities and expertise, supported by a full suite of modern laboratory equipment (including two Sciex 6500 triple-quad mass spectrometers, two further triple-quad mass spectrometers, a Xevo G2-XS QTOF/TOF plus a further TOF mass spectrometer, GC, GC-MS, HPLC, advanced microscopy and image analysis, a liquid scintillation counter, Quantitative PCR, full capability in Agilent gene analysis and Ingenuity bioinformatics).

CXR’s in vivo and ex vivo capabilities include:

  • Rat/mouse microsampling PK / TK and repeat-dose toxicity studies.  Dosing routes include oral, dietary, iv, ip, sc, dermal, intra-tracheal, intra-pleural and pharyngeal aspiration
  • In vivo metabolism and kinetics (including metabowl studies, radiolabel studies: 14C, 3H and 125I)
  • Tissue distribution (cold or labelled)
  • Metabolite identification
  • Clinical chemistry
  • Histopathology
  • Special stains (e.g. Oil Red O)
  • Immunohistochemistry (new antibodies established on request)
  • ELISAs
  • Western blotting (including a Protein Simple Simon machine)
  • Enzyme activities
  • Xenograft studies
  • Microarray (mRNA and miRNA) and bioinformatics analysis of tissue (including hair samples) or cell samples

Specific pharmacodynamic /mechanistic endpoints include: