Custom Assay Development

During compound development, mechanistic in vitro assays/screens are often required.

These assays are typically used to assess the impact of compounds on a specific mechanism of toxicity, e.g. the development of a reporter assay to assess the binding of ligands to a receptor.  Alternatively, an improvement to an existing assay may be required to improve speed or sensitivity.

CXR Biosciences has highly qualified staff across a range of disciplines who can rapidly design and develop new assays. The unique combination of ‘traditional’ preclinical development expertise with state of the art molecular biology enables CXR to design and deliver novel and improved assays as required for individual projects.

CXR capabilities include:

  • State of the art LC/MS/MS to improve sensitivity and speed of analysis
  • Cloning drug or toxicity targets to develop in vitro screens
  • Transcriptional profiling to identify unknown targets to understand mechanism of action and/or mechanism of toxicity
  • Developing novel in vitro reporter systems to understand mechanism of drug action / toxicity

Existing in vitro assays and endpoints can be found here