Management & Scientific Team

Mrs Mary Ballantyne
Site Director

Mary has 30 years experience of health care and health care solutions. Before joining CXR Mary worked for 10 years in the NHS and then 20 years in the Pharmaceutical industry where she fulfilled a variety of Sales, Marketing, Training and Management roles. Mary is also the named operator of GLP

Dr Mike Piper
Head of Sales & Marketing

Before joining CXR, Mike worked as a management consultant at ZS Associates and Arthur Andersen, and in life sciences business development & licensing at Ardana plc.  Mike joined CXR in 2008.

Dr Audrey Vardy
Principal Scientist

Audrey has worked in the toxicology and drug metabolism arena for the past 10 years, initially as a Staff Scientist and Study Director, then as a Sales Manager with CXR Biosciences.  Her experience in the field of drug metabolism was expanded by a spell with BD Biosciences as their European Key Account Manager for Gentest and as a Technical Sales Specialist with Corning (via an acquisition) before returning to CXR as a Principal Scientist.  Prior to joining CXR Biosciences Audrey completed a PhD and post-doctoral position in Neuroscience, focussing on GABAA receptors, neurosteroids and protein kinase interactions.

Dr Larry Higgins
Principal Scientist

Larry studied Biochemistry at Trinity College in Dublin followed by a PhD working on the role of Nrf2 in xenobiotic metabolism under the mentorship of Professor John Hayes and Dr. Cliff Elcombe at the University of Dundee. Larry’s PhD was followed by 2 postdoctoral positions. The first with Professor Hayes continued his work on Nrf2 and xenobiotic metabolism, the second with Professor Colin Palmer investigated the involvement of PPARβ/δ in the promotion of breast cancer in mice.  Larry joined CXR in 2012 and initially promoted CXR’s services in the industrial chemicals and agrochemicals industries, managing a number of mechanistic projects.  In 2016 Larry migrated to the position of principal scientist where he continues to use his expertise to help CXR’s customers understand product toxicology.

Dr Carol Murray
Principal Scientist

Carol has been with CXR Biosciences since the company’s inception in 2001. Prior to this she had 5 years post-doctoral research experience after completing a PhD in cellular and molecular biology. She joined the company as a Team Leader and became a Principal Scientist in 2012, where her areas of expertise include cell culture (primary cells and cell lines), in vitro assays and molecular biology.

Dr Eddie Doyle
Principal Scientist (DMPK)

Eddie has over 30 years experience of drug development. Before joining CXR he was Assistant Director of Drug Analysis, GlaxoSmithKline, managing a group representing multiple areas of scientific expertise. These covered toxicology, biotransformation and pharmacokinetics in support of Discovery, Pre-Clinical and Clinical drug development.

Laura Hedges MChem
Principal Scientist

Laura joined CXR in 2016 from the animal health industry, having spent 13 years with Pfizer Animal Health and Zoetis.  Her experiences working in the pharmaceutical R&D environment as a bioanalytical and pharmacokinetic scientist span early discovery projects through to product approval.

Dr Craig Moore
Principal Scientist (Dermal Services) & Head of Dermal Services

In 2010, Craig obtained his PhD in dermal toxicology from Newcastle University investigating factors affecting dermal absorption of organophosphates under the supervision of Prof. Faith Williams and Dr Simon Wilkinson. Prior to joining CXR in 2015, Craig worked in Unilever’s Safety and Environmental Assurance Centre providing dermal toxicological expertise for consumer product risk assessment, as well as working on R&D projects for skin allergy adverse outcome pathways and ADME/PBPK.

Mr Gavin Hands
Financial Director

Gavin has over 20 years experience in the financial management of small companies encompassing a wide variety of different sectors and is a fellow of the ACCA and a member of the ICAEW.

Dr Mark Graham
Pharmaceutical Investigative & Discovery Toxicology Associate

Dr Mark Graham has 28 years experience of Pharmaceutical Toxicology, including 14 years at AstraZeneca, where he was Senior Principal Scientist and Global Discipline Leader for Discovery Toxicology. Dr Graham has a track record of identifying mechanistic explanations in order to facilitate translational assessment of risk for humans.  He has successfully applied this approach at all stages of drug discovery and development – from target identification to product registration.

As well as his industrial experience, Dr Graham has remained active in toxicological research by collaborating with several Universities, resulting in many peer reviewed scientific publications.  Dr Graham is a Fellow of the British Toxicology Society and a Member of the Committee On Toxicity (COT) which provides expert advice on chemical toxicity to the UK Government.  Dr Graham is also a member of the editorial board of the journal Xenobiotica.

MG Toxicology Consulting Ltd

Professor Brian Lake
Associate Toxicologist

Brian Lake obtained a BSc in Biochemistry from the University of Surrey and then under the guidance of Professor D.V. Parke obtained a PhD in the field of induction of hepatic and extrahepatic xenobiotic metabolising enzymes. He also holds a DSc from the University of Surrey and is a Fellow of the British Toxicology Society. Brian Lake worked at BIBRA International for over 30 years and subsequently was head of the LFR Molecular Sciences Department. He also holds the position of Visiting Professor in the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences at the University of Surrey. During his career he has been involved in a wide range of multi-disciplinary research and contract projects. His research fields and expertise are broadly in the areas of the metabolism and toxicity of xenobiotics in mammalian systems. Particular interests include xenobiotic metabolism and the induction of xenobiotic metabolising enzymes; the development of in vitro systems for predicting xenobiotic metabolism and toxicity; modes of action of non-genotoxic carcinogenesis and the extrapolation of animal data to human hazard assessment. Brian Lake has published over 240 scientific papers and has acted as a consultant to various international companies. He is currently a member of the Committee on Toxicity of Chemicals in Food, Consumer Products and the Environment (COT).